The Church and The Community - Paperback

The Church and The Community - Paperback

Jonathan Dade

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The Church and The Community: 25 Life Realizations from a black veteran who overcame racial prejudices, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide to become very successful in business, ministry, and life by Jonathan Dade, MBA, MTS

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Paperback Book: 256 pages
Publisher: RLB Echad (March 23, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1948655004
ISBN-13: 978-1948655002

Book Description: This is a contentiously true story of discovery, acceptance, perseverance, adversity, and challenge. There are many books that prepare entrepreneurs for starting businesses, but there few good resources for faith leaders and church planters. In The Church and The Community, Jonathan Dade combines business, theological, and real life examples to highlight how to discover your passions, accept responsibilities beyond yourself, persevere through trials, overcome adversity, and accept the daily challenges of life. If you are in seminary school, call yourself a Believer, or have influence over others, you will be encouraged by the 25 life realizations that pointed Jonathan to his calling, and it will make you consider the pivotal intersections in your own life, that point you to your calling. The Church and The Community also shares what goes on behind the scenes for pastors and rabbis, which leads to 96% of church plants failing in 5 years, and ministers burning out in an average of 4 years. Many faith leaders do not tell their story because of confidentiality, hurt, and even shame, but Jonathan boldly shares painfully true details of a real story, and he does it professionally. Everything from antisemitism, cults, patriotism, politics, racism, sexuality, and social injustice is discussed, but more importantly, solutions are proposed. How do we reverse the 22 veterans who commit suicide each day? Is there hope for the racial tensions between white police officers and black citizens? What should we do with Israel, and how should we view the Old Testament? The Church and The Community could not be written at a better time in history. A true story of how an ordinary black boy, born to a working-class family in Midwestern America, went on to plant a Messianic Congregation (Church) that within five years became well respected in an affluent, predominately white community.