Affiliate Program - Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!  Shop America's Affiliate Program! 

We are very excited to have launched our new online store, and coming soon we will offer our Fundraising Affiliate Program to anyone (both nonprofit and for profit) to join. has great health products including books, DVDs, body products, and more that are offered by established companies and resold through Fundraising Stores. While we are determining which affiliate program would be best for all of us you can still earn a commission should you want to refer anybody to this site.

On the ShopAmerica.US shopping cart there is a place (REFERRED BY) where people can type in your name or your organization. When an order comes in with your info in the REFERRED BY field you will receive the same commission from ShopAmerica.US as you will when the affiliate program officially launches. Should you decide to share the site with others so we can pay you commissions please email Bob Calvert and let me know

  • Stores (Vendors) by agreement give us wholesale pricing and their suggested retail price for their products or services. Most of them will ship to your Customers.
  • We offer an easy Fundraising Program that will be for Individuals and Families, Retail Businesses, Ministries, Non-Profits, Military Support and Veterans Groups and more.
  • Each Fundraising site will have your own and unique ShopAmerica.US/**** Affiliate Program Website.
  • Sharing your site with others can be a unique and residual Fund Raiser for you. Each time there is a sale through your Unique Tracking Code, You will get Paid. Each time there is a sale through two generations of tracking codes connected with yours, You will get Paid.
  • 50% of the difference between the wholesale price given to us and the retail price will be paid monthly in our Fundraising program. 40% of the 50% will go to the Tracking Code where the sale was made.
  • From the 50% – 5% will paid as override bonuses on two additional generations of your Fundraisers Websites connected with your tracking code. This will add to your personal sales commissions!

Our program is unique in that affiliates will NEVER have a sales or volume requirement - EVER. The more purchases that come through your Shopping and Fund-Raising site, the more funds you will raise.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate when our program launches please email to learn more and to be notified when our program is launched.