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Fusion IONZ BLACK Series Wristband™

Fusion IONZ BLACK Series Wristband™

Pharm Origins

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Designed to support healthy circulation and tissue healing.

– Naturally Emits FAR Infrared
– FDA Registered Medical Device
– Supports Healthy Circulation and Healing
– Adjustable Sizing

The Fusion IONZ BLACK Wristband™ is an FDA Registered Class 1 Medical Device, the strongest of our wearable medical device lineup. Fusion IONZ™ uses proprietary Non Thermal FAR Infrared technology to promote increased circulation and healing. Once applied, the device supplies the human body wave after wave of FAR Infrared light waves. These light waves promoted the increased production of nitric oxide which supports healthy circulation and relief.

Fusion IONZ technology has been laboratory proven as well as clinically proven in a board certified, double blind placebo controlled study.

The BLACK Wristband™ is surgical grade silicone blended with our proprietary blend of FAR Infrared generating rare earth minerals.

Attach the Fusion Ionz device to your wrist like a bracelet. It is made to wear 24 hours a day but we suggest taking it off when you shower and go swimming. Chlorine will break down the silicone.